Setting up a Dogecoin Core Node v 1.14 for Windows, Linux & Mac


Dogecoin developers very kindly built Dogecoin Core Version 1.14 in order to support lower transaction fees between Dogecoin hodlers, and have released this new client version in order to raise adoption outside of the original test-net.

Due to the increasing demand for Dogecoin Core Version 1.14 from the #DOGE community, DogeDealz has compiled some simple steps for hodlers to upgrade their network clients in order to improve the efficiency of the live network. The process is relatively straightforward:

Before you get started, make sure that your device has the following minimum hardware specs: 50GB Disk Space 2 GB RAM 50 kbps Network

1. Download Dogecoin Core Node v 1.14 from and select your operating system from the list as shown here (sorry we know it’s blurry):

2. If you’re already running a previous version of Dogecoin Core like 1.12 you can safely overwrite the files in the directory you’ve previously installed to (assuming Dogecoin Core isn’t already running) if you are actively running Dogecoin Core 1.12 or older it’s important to shut Dogecoin Core down before you do this.

3. Run the Dogecoin Core installer. Your operating system may prompt you that your operation is “unsafe” – this is because of a slight development oversight as the application hosted on the website is “unsigned” – and the devs are actively working to resolve this. . . to get a signed version you may visit the Dogecoin Core v 1.14 GitHub site and download that zipped files there – this “should” resolve the safety message.

4. Open Port Forwarding for 22556 on your Internet Access Point in order to allow for TCP/IP packets to route to the IP address where you’ve downloaded the Dogecoin Core application. In order to find the IP address of your machine, you can type ipconfig on your Windows Command line. Instructions for doing this will vary depending on your ISP and your existing router/firewall configurations. If you are unable to make changes to your access point for whatever reason it may be way easier to just skip to Step 5 below on how to turn to map your ports by selecting “Map Port using uPnP”

For doing the same on Linux you can follow along on the video below provided by our friend @RnoHach be sure to follow him on the Twitter:

If you are running a Mac you may follow the steps provided by Nicolas Cloutier in the following video:

5. Once you have Dogecoin Core v 1.14 up and running, selection “Options” from under the “Settings” tab and make sure that you are first allowing incoming connections and that you have selected “Map Port using uPnP” which will help with getting incoming connections. . .

6. On Windows, to use the super cool feature of super smol transaction costs (which is the whole point of upgrading to 1.14) you can create a short-cut for Dogecoin Core and change the properties of the short-cut to run Dogecoin Core with the switch “-paytxfee=0.01”


7. If you feel like it, let us know some details about your brand new node:

Happy Noding! If you have any questions on the above or crypto in general don’t hesitate to reach out to

For a more complete write up of running a full node you can visit our friends at Dogecoin Is Awesome

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