How to Post your OpenSea or ADA NFT on DogeDealz

Boston, MA – 11/1/2021

Based on the recent interest in using #dogecoin to purchase #NFTs. DogeDealz has created a process for NFT Artists to make their strong>NFT available for purchase with #dogecoin using the DogeDealz Escrow System. In the last two weeks, we have had 15 community pieces posted in the DogeDealz NFT Marketplace and have delivered a Gasless NFT proof of concept through the transfer of Dogenarola preaches against prodigality – DogeDealz – Building Parallel Economies with #DOGE

To that end, here are the steps for a new DogeDealz vendor to post their NFTs in the DogeDealz Gasless NFT Category:

1. Create a DogeDealz Escrow Vendor Account. It’s a simple as entering your information and providing your #dogecoin wallet address.

2. Use the DogeDealz Escrow Dashboard to create your NFT as a DogeDealz “Product”

3. Take a screenshot of your NFT from wherever it may be posted on an NFT marketplace. Add a link to your NFT in the Product Description and if your NFT Marketplace supports an “embed code” then DogeDealz will update your posting to embed the marketplace NFT in the DogeDealz Product Description.

4. Make sure that the price you post your product for reflects what you would be willing to part with your NFT and reflects your “buy it now” price on Ethereum. The easiest way to do this math would be to use a DOGE to ETH price converter like the one here.

5. If you are posting an ADA NFT use the DOGE to ADA price converter like the one here instead.

6. Once you have submitted your product, it will go to the DogeDealz team for review and approval. DogeDealz will reach out to you to determine your interest in professional shilling and things of that nature. Once your NFT is approved you’re all set. Hang out and let us do the work to get your NFT sold.

7. To review the DogeDealz policy statement concerning NFT artist relationships visit the link here.

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