Policy Statement from DogeDealz Legal


DogeDealz acts as a near free escrow service that connects buyers and vendors using the dogecoin crypto-currency. DogeDealz is not a merchant and is released from any and all implication and makes no representation that it holds warranty of title over the products and services hosted on its website.

DogeDealz does its best to ensure buyer satisfaction by keeping doge funds in escrow until vendors can verify proof of performance. Please use our vendor and product review features to keep the marketplace up to date with various vendor ratings. If a vendor breaches marketplace trust they will be black-listed from DogeDealz.

The DogeDealz suspension and termination procedure is outlined below. Vendors and NFT artists will be given the opportunity to appeal any final termination decision.


DogeDealz does not share buyer information with any third party except with the vendors that are hosted on the marketplace, nor does it share any order information outside of facilitating specific transactions between buyers and vendors.

Vendor Policy

DogeDealz vendors are held to high standards and are expected to take action within 3 days of receipt of an order from a customer. If no action is taken within 3 days the vendor profile will be suspended and their products will be de-listed from the DogeDealz marketplace. If within 2 days of a notice of suspension from DogeDealz, the vendor does not take action, the vendor account will be terminated

NFT Policy

NFT artists are held to high standards and are expected to take action for assigning their NFTs to the purchaser within 24 hours of receipt of an order. If an NFT artist takes no action within 24 hours they will be suspended from DogeDealz, and if within 2 days of a notice of suspension from DogeDealz, the NFT artist does not take action, the NFT artist account will be terminated

Notice of No Financial Advice

DogeDealz is not a financial advisor and offers no professional advice concerning investments and any financial instruments. No reasonably prudent person should use any information obtained from DogeDealz for guiding their investment or financial decision making.Doge is Love and in Doge we Trust!

If you have any questions about this policy please contact support@dogedealz.com and we will be happy to answer any questions.